I’ve gained a lot of new followers as of late, so many of you may not know about KISSEZ-SUBMISSIONS, where I post all of the pictures of kissing couples that you, my followers, have submitted. While I usually post one picture a day on KISSEZ, I tend to post a few at a time on the other blog. So if you feel like you’re not seeing enough kissing in your Dashboard, click the link above and check it out.

Also, if you’ve asked a question but haven’t seen it answered and are wondering why, it’s because I reply to them on the submissions blog.

Credit where credit is due.

If you ever see a photo on KISSEZ that is linked to We Heart It or a similar site and you know the original source of the image, please do not hesitate to let me know. I will immediately swap the bad link for the good one. For example, the last picture I posted (which was originally linked here) was taken by Jenny Photography. She was kind enough to comment on the image with a link to her Flickr account. I feel it is my responsibility to give credit where credit is due whenever possible on this Tumblelog. So please help me respect any photographers whose work gets posted without proper credit.

Thanks guys!